Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Taiwan Family

My son Yoni came for a visit from Taiwan with his Taiwan girlfriend Xshin-i. He works there as a technician of some Israel hi-tech company. He has a contract for a year and comes home for his vacations every 3 months. This is his last vacation before finishing.
She is a musician, graduated from the higher music school in Taipei. Now she is considering the opportunity to complete her education in Jerusalem. She is very nice cheery girl. My son is also a good handsome fellow, so they form a great couple! I must say that if in US international couples are usual thing – in our small rather closed Israel this is not so often affair. But my family is open-minded of course. We only wish that our children would be happy.
Yoni brought many pictures of his visit to Xsin-i’s family and also beautiful gifts from our new Taiwan “relatives”.

My son on a scooter in Taiwan.

Our international couple: the Israeli from Russia and his Taiwan girlfriend, speaking English with each other.

Xshin-i’s family and Yoni at their home in a small town in the middle of Taiwan.

Three generations of women in the kitchen.

The name Xshin-i means “happy heart”.
Let’s pray that hearts of our children will be always happy.

If something is impossible this is my son at piano! But the photo is great!

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